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Harvesting is conducted in strict adherence to internationally established norms, procedures, and standards. We are committed to sustainable and responsible harvesting practices. We believe in preserving the environment and promoting the well-being of our communities. Through our adherence to international norms and standards, we strive to contribute to a thriving agricultural industry while delivering premium, ethically sourced products to our valued customers.


Our products are meticulously packaged in strict accordance with internationally recognized norms and standards of packaging. We understand the importance of proper packaging in preserving the freshness, quality, and integrity of our goods throughout the supply chain.We adhere to international labeling requirements, ensuring that all necessary information is clearly displayed on the packaging

Transport & Logistics

We offer our clients three distinct modes of transport to cater to their specific needs and facilitate efficient product delivery:
a) Road: Our road transport option provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for domestic and regional shipments. This mode of transport is suitable for shorter distances and enables us to reach destinations that are easily accessible by road.
b) Sea: For international shipments and larger quantities, our sea freight service is the ideal choice. We collaborate with reputable shipping lines and freight forwarders to manage the complexities of ocean transportation.
c) Air: When time is of the essence or for urgent shipments, our air freight service offers expedited delivery options. We partner with leading airlines and air cargo service providers to ensure fast and reliable transportation.


The client has the flexibility to choose the port of delivery or collection and specify the desired date of collection. We understand the importance of meeting our clients' unique requirements and ensuring a seamless supply chain experience.To facilitate this, we collaborate with our trusted freight partners and Shamwari Fruit to provide comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solutions. From the moment the products are ready for shipment to their final destination, we take care of every aspect to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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