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Shamwari Business Group has been a prominent player in the agricultural sector for 10 years. We specialize in providing top-quality, farm-fresh Class 1 fruits, herbs, nuts, and dry products, with a primary focus on serving the export market.

All farms we source produce from hold prestigious certifications, including Global Gap Certification, SMETA Certification, and compliance with local PPECB export quality control standards. We have farms located in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. These farms collectively supply exceptional export-quality products, with a particular emphasis on exotic fruits.
Operating globally, we have offices based in Pretoria and Harare. We consider the areas where our farms are located as our backyard or playground, while we view the regions where our clients reside as our "front yard." This perspective drives us to consistently deliver the finest products to our esteemed clients.
Our clientele is divided into two segments: local customers in the countries where our farms are situated and international customers in Europe, the UK, and the Middle East. Additionally, we have plans to expand our presence in Asia, aiming to provide exceptional service and products to clients in that region as well.
The origin of the name "Shamwari" comes from the Shona language, which is spoken in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. In Shona, "Shamwari" means "friend." The name originated when Stephen (Nyasha's Grandpa) affectionately referred to the young lad as "Shamwari," indicating that they were good friends. Later, Chiedzo (Nyasha's mom), affectionately referred to her first granddaughter Sierrah as "'Shamwari yaGogo'," which translates to "grandma's friend." This led to the name "Shamwari Business Group" being chosen. In this context, the name represents a friend in business and all spheres surrounding it.

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Nyasha Gatawa

Nyasha a.k.a Nash has over 15 yrs of International Business from Policy Boardrooms, Small Business Start-ups, Grass Root NGO’s, Private sector and Government sector. Nyasha is involved in Business Development, Innovation, Relationship building and Strategy (long and short) which better positions SBG on the Global Stage. Having Lived in over 5 countries across 2 continents Europe and Africa, founded Shamwari BG as an impact venture to empower and enrich, women, rural communities and commercially run farms across East, Central and Southern Africa.